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Ogallala Comfort was established by Herb Knudsen 31 years ago in a charming Nebraska town that is surrounded by cattle ranchers and farmers. The company specializes in creating high-quality hypoallergenic bedding, including down comforters, pillows, and pillow protectors, using a unique blend of goose down and milkweed fibers. Milkweed fibers, found in the seed pods of milkweed plants, can stabilize the components in goose down that cause allergic reactions. All of Ogallala  products are customized to meet specific preferences and needs, using premium, high-thread count cotton shells and filled with the exclusive Ogallala Blend. Before leaving the facility, each pillow, featherbed, and duvet is meticulously hand-finished, thoroughly inspected, and fluffed to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction, making them perfect for a peaceful and restful sleep.

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