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Baobab Pearls Sapphire Candle Max 16


The Sapphire Pearls scented candle, featuring hand-blown glass adorned with vibrant azure inlays, is a tribute to the exquisite gem it is named after. Revered for symbolizing divine presence and protection, this stone’s beauty is elegantly captured in the candle’s design. Its marine-inspired fragrance will transport you to a world of relaxation and vacation, evoking the essence of a coastal getaway.

The Belgian brand Baobab, known for its home fragrance collections, has been setting the standard for decorative objects since 2002. Baobab Collections feature an array of captivating fragrances, with each candle or scent diffuser elegantly encased in hand-blown art glass. These remarkable 4-wick candles are celebrated for their extraordinary burn times, ranging from 60 hours for the smallest size to an impressive 800 hours for the largest candle.

Handcrafted in Belgium.

  • Item No. MAX16PS
  • Fragrance:

    Myrtle, Flower of salt, and Jasmine.

  • Estimated burn Time:

    150 hrs

  • Size:

    16cm | 6.3in

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