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Lobmeyr Commodore Beer Tumbler with Insect C (Bug)


Step into a world of refined taste with the Commodore beer tumbler, adorned with a meticulously hand-engraved beetle. Elevate the simple act of drinking water to a luxurious experience with this stunning tumbler. Its flawless design and unparalleled clarity bring sophistication to any table setting, making it an essential piece for both everyday use and special occasions.

Indulge in the beauty and functionality of Lobmeyr Commodore glassware, an exquisite drinking set from the 1950s. Designed by Viennese architect Oswald Haerdtl and meticulously crafted from delicate muslin glass, this collection epitomizes timeless elegance. The innovative mid-century design subtly blends curves with angular lines, perfectly balancing classic materials and proportions.

Embrace the vintage charm of the Commodore water tumbler and add an element of timeless elegance to your daily rituals. Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria, and designed by Architect Oswald Haerdtl in 1954, this remarkable glassware embodies the artistry and sophistication of Lobmeyr Commodore, making every sip a truly memorable experience.

Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria.

  • Item No. 3257001-C
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  • Size:

    3 diam. x 5 h in.


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