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Robbe & Berking Martele Fully Equipped Bar Chest


This massive and luxurious chest displays the whole line of sophisticated and exceptional barware. The Martelé Barware Collection from Robbe & Berking is an extension of one of the brand’s most popular patterns. Each hand-crafted in Germany and featuring a subtle hammered texture. Due to the high conductivity of the silver, every drinking vessel immediately assumes the temperature of the beverage, elevating the drinking experience. Chest includes: Martele Champagne Flute (6) Martele Cocktail Coupe (6) Martele Gin Tumbler (6) Martele Wine Tumbler (6) Martele Vodka Beaker (6) Martele Longdrink Beaker (6) Martele Coaster (6) Martele Bottle Coaster (2) Martele Bowl Small Martele Bowl Large Martele Jigger Martele Cocktail Shaker Martele Cocktail Strainer Martele Champagne Tongs Martele Ice Tongs Martele Bottle Opener Martele Bar Spoon Martele Nutcracker Martele Longdrink Spoon Martele Cocktail Stick (6) These pieces also available individually.

Trunk available to order in other colors.

Handcrafted in Germany

  • Item No. ROB-30108222
  • Delivery:

    1-2 weeks based on stock availability.

  • Size:

    23.4 x 24.4 x 57.9 in.

In stock


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