Hering Berlin

Skillfully handmade with the most exacting standards, Hering Berlin seeks to advance the tradition of fine tableware through their production of porcelain dinnerware and drinkware. Unique to the company is their masterful application of precious metals in bisque and unglazed porcelain dinnerware. With a clear aesthetic, unique design dimensions and immaculate craftsmanship, Hering Berlin offers pieces for the modern age that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Kneen & Co specializes in working with all Hering Berlin porcelain patterns and special plate and bowl shapes.  Many high end restaurants turn to Hering Berlin for their fine tableware.  We help you find the best fit for your home dining needs.  The porcelain patterns are classic but also feel very modern and clean in design. It is easy to mix and match several of the patterns together.  Blue is also a very color color for Hering you will find many of their patterns in a stunning sea like shade of blue.  The plates from Hering Berlin feature a modern wide bisque porcelain rim and glazed center.  The bisque plate rims are easy to clean and maintain.  These unglazed bisque finish on the plates and outer sides of bowls make these special pieces very tactic.  Most pieces except the highly decorated patterns with gold and platinum can be put in the the dishwasher and microwave.

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