Born as B.Home Interiors in 1999, Giorgio Bagnara continued his family’s tradition of sourcing and selling elegant decorative objects that began in the 1930s. Now known as Giobagnara, this luxury home furnishings manufacturer epitomizes Italian craftsmanship.  Each piece is custom made to your specifications and hand-crafted in Italy.  Kneen & Co is proud to represent the entire collection Giobagnara including the sister companies Rabitti1969, Pigment France, Rudi, and Riviere and special collaborations with designers including Stephane Parmentier.  Not all items are shown on our website so please contact us for information on the entire collection of home decor and accessories.

The company produces more than 500 handcrafted items, including trays, table accessories, bathroom accessories, desk accessories, as well as bespoke items. Each item can be customized in any of our special leathers, suedes, pony, shagreen.  The most popular leather the Golf leather is available in 100 colors and is scratch proof and waterproof.  It is also possible to customize any of the Giobagnara selections.  Often our clients will customize not only the material and color but also the size placemats, trays, desk blotters and small furniture to meet their requirements.  We help guide you through the process and can also provide you with material leather swatch samples.

We look forward to assisting you with any questions or orders you may have.  The Giobagnara products will fit with any home decor style from the very contemporary to the traditional home.  Enjoy these pieces in the the style and color you need to create those finishing touches in your home decor.

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