Established in 1998 by American designer and entrepreneur Karen Feldman, Artel specializes in luxury crystal glassware. These stunning pieces are handmade by Czech masters according to centuries-old Bohemian glass-making tradition. Artel maintains a commitment to producing objects of impeccable quality, design, and functionality. 

Choose from Artel’s Faceted collection and Glacier collection. Each piece consists of three layers of glass that are blown together and then cut and polished by hand into sleek facets. This creates deep hues that vary according to the angle in which it is viewed. Faceted draws inspiration from 18th-century German vessels that used the same style of cutting and polishing. Made from mouth-blown, hand-cut, and hand-polished crystal. The Glacier collection evokes natural ice formations through its asymmetrical faceted shape. It reflects light through the hand-cut facets, creating mesmerizing patterns. Designed for Artel by David Wiseman, a renowned American designer. 

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