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Handmade in California. Perfectly imperfect. Shatter resistant and excellent for outdoor or indoor use. Environmentally friendly. Bring joyful serenity to your space with TF Design. 

Founded over 10 years ago, TF Design is a California-based creative product design studio dedicated to timeless and functional designs. Created by hand from beginning to end, these handmade pieces are designed and sculpted by the company’s founder, Tina Frey, and molded and cast by a talented team of craftspeople. 

Our selections of TF Design include bathroom and desk accessories, dinnerware and serveware, and outdoor dining and entertainment objects such as ice buckets and champagne coolers. All TF Design products are shatter resistant, making them safe for outdoor and bath use. They are cast in food safe resin. The items are not meant for dishwashers or microwaves. Enjoy these wonderful objects and tableware in your home, yacht or private aircraft.

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