Since establishing itself in 1747 as Europe’s sole maker of high-quality porcelain, Nymphenburg has seen its pieces immortalized in museums and design collections all over the world. Through its relentless commitment to craftsmanship and its sustained collaboration with the premier designers and artists of every era, Nymphenburg has solidified its position as one of the world’s finest creators of porcelain, famed for its hand-painted and hand-decorated dinnerware and decorative accessories.  From the historic works of Franz Anton Bustelli in the 18th century, creating the iconic Commedia dell’Arte figurines, to the playful reinterpretations from Dutch designer Hella Jongerious or the elegant nature inspired collection from Ted Muehling, Nymphenburg has something for everyone from the classic to contemporary.

Kneen & Co stocks the most extensive collection of Nymphenburg porcelain in the United States.  We are considered the experts in the US for their dinnerware, animal figures, figurines, and home accessories.  We also love to work with clients to create custom dinnerware and home decor.  Kneen & Co’s collaboration with Nymphenburg began in 2006 with the establishment of Nymphenburg USA.  However, our love affair with Nymphenburg began long before that when our owner, Mary Jeanne Kneen lived in Munich, Germany in the 1990s near the Nymphenburg palace.  At Kneen & Co, we have a vast knowledge of Nymphenburg’s history, collections and production and hand painting processes and help guide you in the selection of the perfect dinnerware service, home accessories or custom creations.

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