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Hermès Soleil d’Hermès Dinnerware

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The Soleil d’Hermès dinner service—a collection of 24 pieces that seamlessly blend pristine porcelain white with a vibrant deep yellow, exuding a radiant play of shades. Delicately outlined in black, reminiscent of a gentle shadow, the artistic patterns evoke stylized palm trees and more. The collaboration between illustrator Arielle de Brichambaut’s creativity and the craftsmanship of the house’s artisans beautifully showcases the warmth and brilliance of yellow while achieving a harmonious balance between material, color, and design. A celebration of summer and conviviality, Soleil d’Hermès brings a luminous glow to your dining table.

To view the complete 24-piece collection, please reach out to us directly by clicking on the mail icon below.

  • Item No. Soleil d’Hermès Group
  • Product Designer:

    Arielle de Brichambaut

  • Year:


  • Care:

    Dishwasher Safe on delicate cycle but hand washing is preferred

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