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Lobmeyr Night Set in Clear


Discover the luxurious Lobmeyr Night Set, designed by Aldo Bakker in 2022. Crafted with timeless sophistication, this charming glassware, embodies the essence of nature’s principles, exuding warmth and strong personality. Aldo Bakker, a visionary in his own right, drew from his artistic lineage and rejected formal arts training, honing his craft through experience and teaching at the Eindhoven Design Academy. With his works showcased in renowned museums and galleries worldwide, the Lobmeyr Night Set is a testament to the epitome of luxury and coziness, adding an element of refined elegance to any occasion. The Lobmeyr Night Set is available in clear, alexandrite, and grey.

Designed by Aldo Bakker in 2022.

Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria.

  • Item No. 1007502
  • Product Designer:

    Aldo Bakker

  • Year:


  • Care:

    Hand wash only

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