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Nymphenburg Isabella Figurine Commedia dell’Arte Couture Edition


Based on the stock characters that populated the fanciful improvisational theater of 16th century Italy, the Commedia dell’Arte line stands as an icon of Nymphenburg’s collection. Created by Nymphenburg sculptor Franz Anton Bustelli in 1760, the figurines are to this day produced according to his designs. Representing not specific stories but rather classic character types, these elegantly sculpted figurines manage to convey—through only their finely tuned postures and gestures—a wealth of both universal humanity and individual personality. For the Couture Edition of this signature line, Nymphenburg invited 16 of the world’s most renowned fashion designers to each “dress” one of the Commedia dell’Arte figurines. The results range from restrained updates to audacious restylings. Each of these reimaginings, whether subtle or dramatic, interacts with the figurine to produce its own distinctive effect, both asserting the imagination of its designer and highlighting the grace and beauty of the underlying porcelain forms. Hand painted porcelain.

  • Item No. 10018962
  • Size: 8.3 in. / 21 cm.
  • Designer: Elie Saab
  • Delivery: Ready to Ship

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