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Nymphenburg Rhinoceros Clara in Black Bisque


Based on a 1770 model of one of the first ever live rhinoceroses to be seen in Europe, “Clara” is a personable, elegant and singular showcase of texture and detail, recognized as an icon of the Nymphenburg collection. Black bisque porcelain. Exquisite statuettes of a wide range of animals have long been a cornerstone of Nymphenburg’s repertoire and its renown. Centuries of experience and skill with impeccable finishes and traditional techniques such as underglaze painting make it possible for the Nymphenburg craftsmen to marshal the notoriously rigid and exacting medium of porcelain into soft and subtle renderings of scales and skin, fur and feathers. The result is a menagerie imbued with an inner life and exhibiting the kind of artistry that you simply will not find anywhere else.

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  • Product Designer:

    Peter Anton von Verschaffelt

  • Size:

    14 l x 8 h in. / 35.5 l x 20 h cm.

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