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Saint-Louis Oxymore Dark Blue Hock


These richly hued hocks add a vivid infusion of color to the Art Deco-inspired Oxymore collection. Carefully crafted from mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal which features strikingly geometric designs. While traditionally used for white wine, hocks make superb glasses for any occasion.

Founded in 1767–with roots going back almost 200 years earlier–the Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis has shaped the very history of glasswork, and created fine crystal for generation after generation of kings and queens. Today, Saint-Louis forges a path between heritage and innovation, remaining strenuously committed to preserving the methods it’s perfected over centuries of high-level craftsmanship, while at the same time staying on the cutting edge of modern crystal techniques and design.

  • Item No. STL-14002023
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    Special Order – lead times will vary subject to vendor availability

  • Size:

    8.1 h in./8.8 oz


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