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Nymphenburg Memento Mori Skull Water Turtle


For 2017, Nymphenburg introduces the Limited Skull Edition “Turtle”. Inspired by exotic holiday paradises including Bali, Tahiti and Figi, Sea Turtles are aquatic ambassadors of these longed for tropical waters. Hand-painted images of seven sea turtles adorn the porcelain skull and depict the turtles gently paddling through the deep sea waters. Incorporating 24-karat gold accents and using age-old hand-painting techniques that have been passed down through generations of artisans – each of the seven turtles shown is unique. Nymphenburg draws from its rich spectrum of over 15,000 color created onsite at the Nymphenburg manufactory to produce the effect of the turtle shells shimmering in the sunlight. Shades of blues and greens, pinks and purples, turquoise and grey work together to give each turtle a life-like quality.

Limited edition of 25 signed and numbered pieces; presented in wooden box.

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